Kamal Eye Clinic has been in existence since 1994 and ever since then, we have successfully treated thousands of patients with various problems. Subsequently, we have developed a close bond with our patients over the years. We aim to provide the best possible treatment with the state of the art infrastructure at an affordable cost.

The motto of Kamal eye Clinic is eyecare with compassion.We believe that compassion is a vital component in dispensing healthcare. Healing accelerates when the patient has faith and belief that he/she will get healed.




Dr. Suvarna Koppikar MS (Opthalmology ) has been in practice since Oct 1995.

Background –
- Is a graduate from MS University, Baroda 1988 batch.
- Has worked abroad spread between Bahrain and England until 1992.
- Worked as clinical assistant in P.D Hinduja hospital, Mumbai in 1993
- Has done a specialty course in Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai in 1994
- Has been doing free services at Shree SathyaSai Eye Hospital, Andheri, Mumbai.
- Started private practice in 1994 and thus started Kamal Eye Clinic
- Was a consultant at Lotus Eye Hospital, Juhu, Mumbai from 1995 – 2011
- Is a consultant to Larsen and Toubro Health Centre, Andheri, Mumbai from 1994



  • Hii... Shridhar Kaikini (61), here. Am sharing my experience of cataract surgery to my right eye on 10.02.2018...............
    It was 10th February this year. I woke up feeling happy and blessed. That day I was to bid Adieu to the old retiring lens of my right eye, having become opaque serving me for 61 long years, and to be succeeded by the new lens at the able and competent hands of Dr. Suvarna Koppikar. And then clarity of my vision was to return post - surgery. As the Doctor and her team readied me for the surgery, I was put to ease by the Doctor as she spoke to me in her soft, reassuring voice. I found myself in a relaxed and comfort zone. As the surgery started, she kept on telling me to look up and down, and as I did so I could see colorful lights, like the Divine play of colors or was it the dance of Divine lights..... Whatever it was I was enjoying the process immensely, intermittently chatting with the Doctor. The process was as if the Divine Unseen Hand was orchestrating the surgery through the seen competent hands of Doctor. No pain, no discomfort, no anxiety, no tension..... And very soon it was over. Must confess, I never had the feeling that I was undergoing cataract operation. It was rather an enjoyable experience. The credit goes to the Doctor and her team for the smooth transition from old lens extraction to new lens implantation... Her anesthetist, Dr. Patel was also wonderful and her assistants too were helpful and supportive. It is now one month past the operation and what to say - right through the surgery process and after it to date, I never had any sort of pain or discomfort or itching. But the eye drops I have been putting religiously as prescribed. I am feeling blessed with clear vision.
    What I feel is that if you shed fear, anxiety or tension in any aspect of life and see positive and happy in that situation, LIFE BECOMES EASY. And if you look for wit and humor in life, LIVING BECOMES EASY.
    We should not forget that it is the DIVINE UNSEEN HAND THAT ORCHESTRATES THE SEEN.
    And a special word of praise and appreciation to Dr. Suvarna Koppikar and her Kamal Eye Clinic. Right from the diagnosis of my cataract, she and her clinic handled my case in a highly professional, yet friendly manner. The testing process was very systematic with every minute detail checked. They take good care of you and make you feel at home.
  • I am in consultations with my eyes with Dr. Suvarna Koppikar since January 2012. She calls me for regular checkups.
    I am extremely pleased with the way she has taken care of my eyes for all these years.
    Recently my vision started deteriorating due to age. After thorough checkups and various tests, she advised me to go for Cataract Surgery.
    The Cataract Surgery went very smoothly. It was well planned and executed. I am extremely pleased with the results.
    Dr. Suvarna Koppikar had explained the procedure very well and all the options that I could choose from. She also explained the post care procedure well and had regular follow-ups planned for me.
    The Staff at the Clinic & Surgery Centre were great, nice, pleasant and very professional. Patients and caring for them are a priority. The experience was flawless and She is a great Doctor and very easy to speak to and answers all questions very patiently. I would recommend Dr. Suvarna Koppikar to anyone who is having trouble with their eyesight.
  • Dr. Suvarna Mohan Koppikar has been my eye doctor (ophthalmologist) for the past 25 years. Her clinical and diagnostic skills have saved my eye-sight. When I reported to her with vague eye symptoms in 2002, her quick thinking leads to a timely diagnosis and treatment of retinal issues.
    Both my parents have been protected from diabetic retinopathy ( common eye problems in diabetes) through her constant vigilance over the past 20 years.
    Her excellent surgical skills have granted my father clear eyesight since she operated on his cataracts in 2002. With the unparalleled experience of Dr. Suvarna's expert treatment, this year we flew into Mumbai from Hong Kong to have my mother's cataracts operated by her.
    Again her skills and expert care have ensured a quick recovery for my mother who is diabetic and in her 70s.
    We are truly blessed to have Dr. Suvarna Koppikar looking after our eyes.
    Professionally, her humble, cheerful nature and sharp diagnostic acumen with true regard for each patient is an inspiration.
    Dr. Sonal Hattangdi-Haridas
    Central, Hong Kong, July 2017